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New Zealand flag redesign

The four top candidates for the redesign of the New Zealand flag. Design as a public trust There are two design-related stories circulating in recent news that have to do with brands that are “public property.” The first is the logo for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The Olympic games feel like they belong to all of […]

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Beets by Apple

Just for fun, here’s a new logo concept for Apple’s recent acquisition of Beats by Dr. Dre, “Beets by Apple.” The $3.2 billion deal was announced last week, and is Apple’s largest investment to date. It’s harder to draw a recognizable beet than I thought it would be.

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Cafeto, Coaster

One of our clients, Cafeto Colombian Coffee is now selling fair trade, organic Colombian coffee at the 8th and Railroad Farmer’s market, every Saturday through September. Cafeto Colombian Coffee was founded by political refugees from Colombia. They source their coffee from fair trade organic Colombian growers and have it roasted to their specifications. Through their […]

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The Graveyard of Good Ideas

Years ago I read in the preface of a collection of a photographer’s work about a book that was impossible to make.  The book he was describing would never exist because it was a collection of  images that had never been created.  This photographer (whose name I’ve forgotten) was referring to the missed images–the moment […]

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Identity design for the Orchestre Symphonique Genevois

Creating a brand identity is often limited to developing a logo, defining a color palette, and choosing a typeface or two.  These elements will go a long way to give an organization a unique look and feel, but often that unique look and feel could just as easily be applied to other similar organizations, or […]

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