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Superb Owl / Super Bowl /superbowl

Really my only plan for Super Bowl Sunday was to draw this Superb Owl.

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  Crisp air and leaves on the ground—they’re shutting down Summer.

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  When you rush off in the middle of the night to have a baby, life as you had planned it for the next few days gets upended. You reschedule work meetings and any plans you’d made become tentative. You rely on friends and family more than usual. You sleep less than you’d like to, […]

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This house is peanut-free!

  For households with food allergies, it can be hard to communicate your unique needs with friends. Food allergies can be isolating When we found out our daughter had food allergies (and a lot of them) it was hard to know how to tell our friends and family about our specific dietary restrictions without creating […]

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When I try to focus

    (This is what it looks like when your focus is as fragile as a soap bubble.)    

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A Halloween lesson in civic duty

“Well Sam, it seemed smart at the time, but those last few houses put you into the 2-lbs candy tax bracket. You could claim a deduction for those terrible black and orange candies, but that full-sized Snickers cancels it out. You’ll have to donate at least half a pound to your sister to avoid more […]

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Don’t design without a plan

Know what you’re building before you start Seeing your good work go unused is one of the most draining things about working as a designer. It’s hard to pour your heart, creativity and time into a piece and then watch it languish in your sketchbook or on your hard drive. There are a number of […]

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  Happy Fourth of July! #MakeAmericaGardenAgain

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The Handshake Machine–don't automate your social media

This is part of a series of articles called On Being Social. The goal is to think about how individuals and brands should approach social media in a way that is authentic, healthy and beneficial. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics as I’m thinking through them–send me your comments through your social […]

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