Design studio focused on book design, illustration, and environment design




For Sanford Health’s Edith Sanford Breast Center I was tasked with developing a donor recognition display. The purpose of the display is to honor the gifts given by private and corporate donors, with greater prominence given to larger gifts. Practically speaking, another design goal is to enable the Sanford Health Foundation to update individual panels […]

Light sculpture (on mystery and love, with sorrow mixed in) created from selections of poetry written by people who have had experiences with hospice care. Ivy Oland of Oland Arts in Sioux Falls approached me with the concept of an outdoor lighted sculpture that would somehow feature the poetry created by people who have had […]

For the main lobby of the new Sanford Heart Hospital, five unique floor tiles were needed, each one illustrating one of the hospital's five core values. Our designs were then etched in bronze to create the pieces shown here.

A combination of photographic backgrounds and etched plexiglass, our goal was to create a display that would be interesting and informative from a distance and up close, and compelling both during the day and at night.