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Web design

“Web design is 95% typography,” and the type that designers choose shapes how we experience the web. Several people have asked lately about how to tell which font is being used on a website. Here are two ways–one slightly technical and one fairly simple: Slightly technical: The “Inspect Element” tool Buried in your browser is […]

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WordCamp 2015

Salient thoughts from WordCamp Minneapolis 2015 For the past three years I’ve attended the WordCamp conference in Minneapolis (and have heard and made jokes about “NerdCamp.”) But each year I’ve learned a surprising amount for a one day event. As in the past, the volunteer presenters gave some solid sessions on web design and development, […]

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World wide botnet attacks WordPress sites

Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? Not so fictional, according to the BBC. Nearly 17% of websites around the world run on the WordPress platform (including this one.) It it one of the most accessible and flexible content management systems available, which has made it a popular choice for a wide range of businesses and […]

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