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Bembo's Zoo

As a parent teaching my kids about letters, it’s sometimes difficult to know which A to focus on.  What is the Platonic form of the lowercase A?  It may also be an occupational hazard that I want to tell them about serifs and italics and the difference between a two-story “a” and a one-story “a.”  And […]

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in Narita, Japan and we’re on our way to Dallas. I’m looking forward to being home. Emmeline, see all the planes lined up? I think the one with “AA” on its tail is mine.

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Bekah and I parted company in the Seoul airport, to travel alternate routes and arrive in the same destination.

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Our last night with the Jenkins we had a Korean meal. Emmeline, see how we’re sitting on the floor? That’s how Korean people eat in some restaurants and homes. We all took off our shoes at the door, and everyone in the restaurant wore socks or slippers.

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Emmeline, this is the palace that the Korean kings lived in for centuries. They would sit in the throne room to talk with their subjects, or with messengers from other kings, or with the people that helped them govern, their advisors and counselors. Then, when they were done working for the day, they would go […]

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Today I repented about my stubborn resistance to umbrella-carrying. It helped that there’s 100% chance of rain for most of the day. We’re heading back to Seoul to see more of the city, especially one of the city’s historic palaces.

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It’s not easy to consider the forms of letters without taking into consideration their meaning. When I saw Chinese characters, however, I didn’t have any choice. The only thing I could understand about the signs and ads in China was the emotional tone or mood created by the way the characters were presented. Take these […]

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Emmeline, today we took a bus from Incheon (where Derek and Ashley live and teach) to Seoul, which is the largest city in this country. I think Minneapolis is the largest city that you would remember being in–I think Seoul is about 5 times bigger than Minneapolis. We rode the bus through some countryside and […]

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This is the view from Derek and Ashley’s window. The pool that you can see is in a large parking lot. It’s a temporary, above-ground pool that is set up during the summer, complete with inflatable slides. The coast is barely visible in the distance.

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Emmeline, look at these deer! Bekah and I went walking around Incheon after getting settled at Derek and Ashley’s apartment. Our feet took us downtown, where a nice young woman told us that there was a large park near downtown. So we went. It was a park, Emmeline, but not a playground. We didn’t see […]

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