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The Men With Bare Feet

Moses and Joshua encounter God in mystery: a burning bush; a stranger with a drawn sword. This cover design attempts to capture some of that wonder and awe.

The Men with Bare Feet front cover

Author and speaker Jordan Loftis explores how two central figures in the Bible experienced God. Moses met him through a bush that  was “burning yet it was not consumed.” Joshua’s first encounter with the Lord was on the road to Jericho, when he saw “a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand.” In both cases, these men were told to take off their sandals, because they were standing on holy ground.

The illustrations in this book design are an attempt to capture some of the wonder and awe of those meetings, and the interior design presents the text in a simple format that doesn’t distract from the narrative.

Watch Jordan talk at the 2017 Makewell retreat about infusing meaning into his creative process here.

Moses and the Burning BushInterior spreadPart One–Moses

Chapter open–Revelation in flame