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Like many experimental projects

this one is fragile. While on the runway, in the plane, I was trying to tweak the way the blog displayed (specifically how many posts it displayed per page) and I broke it. And because of the imminent departure, I didn’t have time to fix it. It’s not very broken, mind you, but a little broken.

One of my goals for this year (with encouragement from my team at MJM) has been to work on bringing projects to a point where they are “finished” and then going over them once more to give them a final polish before shipping them out for the client to review. In the hustle and bustle of multiple projects and timelines and cascading or nested deadlines, it’s easy to give a project a cursory glance and “call it good.”

The tension is always there, whether the zero hour is a printer’s deadline, the day a website should go live, or (in the case of today) the moment when the flight crew says that it’s time to turn off your gadgets so we can fly to Tokyo. (if I had a nickel for every time that’s happened…)

It’s not quite a choice between speed and quality, because neither is optional. Rather it’s a matter of balancing both, without sacrificing either.

Now, if anyone reading this has 1) a solid working knowledge of PHP, 2) a screen larger than an airline graham cracker and 3) time and the inclination, I could use a little help here. Just shoot me an email.

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