Print, Web and Environment Design




In addition to the cover design and photography and interior layout, we also created a video to help author Elise Knobloch tell her audience about the book.

Element Tree is the moniker under which Nathan Kroesche beautifies trees in the Sioux Falls area. Nathan has been known to compare his service to a posh day spa for trees.

The Denny Sanford Premier Center opened its doors on September 19, 2014 after a series of remarks about the history of the building project itself. We had the opportunity to develop a large timeline display to tell that story. These images from the ribbon cutting show how the community came out to celebrate the opening.

Three Trees Workshop creates beautiful wooden objects for the home, and we love helping to tell their story.

A combination of photographic backgrounds and etched plexiglass, our goal was to create a display that would be interesting and informative from a distance and up close, and compelling both during the day and at night.

Each element of the Sanford Pentagon design was chosen to help viewers connect with basketball's rich history, both in South Dakota and around the world. We worked with the Sanford team to develop the hanging felt banners, the four large murals on the entrance ramps and sponsor signs to be displayed in the Heritage Court that supported and enriched the connection to basketball's history.

Cafeto Colombian Coffee was founded by a family from Colombia. Through their business they work to improve the lives of those in northern Colombia who have been affected by the conflict there.

The Boyce-Greeley, a renovated residential and commercial building in downtown Sioux Falls

Black Sheep Coffee in Sioux Falls, SD

Eyob Mergia commissioned us to create several pieces, including direct mail postcards, and posters to promote the open house event and a brochure, explanatory materials and signage for the exhibit itself.

Jacky's Restaurant and Bakery in Sioux Falls, SD serves a mix of great Latin American food and pastries.

Photography and menu design for Tacos Lupe, with some translation from the original Spanish copy