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Design Team

Tim Murray

Graphic design, book design, environment and large-scale murals, web design

Tim Murray is a graphic designer who loves and believes in stories.

Based in Sioux Falls, SD, Tim brings a broad range of work and life experience to his creative projects. Tim began his creative career designing for the stage at the University of Missouri, Columbia where he completed a BA in Scenic Design.

To make himself as marketable as possible, Tim then completed a BA in Philosophy. He put both of these areas of study to good use working with a youth ministry in Barcelona, Spain, where he helped create a community art center to help people explore the big questions of life through music, visual arts, and stories.

Everyone has a story to tell, and Tim helps people tell their stories through a variety of visual media, in print and on the web.

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Mel Murray

Graphic design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking

Mel Murray is a Sioux Falls native who has wanted to be an artist since the 3rd grade, when she drew and cut out the most wonderful, ice-skating pig with a pipe-cleaner tail. She nearly missed her calling, even after graduating with a B.A. in Studio Art from Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN. The pressure of “making a living” persuaded her to go straight to nursing school and work as a registered nurse for 3 years.

Fortunately, her husband, Tim, had the nerve to start his own graphic design business from their one-bedroom apartment after the birth of their first, ever wakeful, child. Mel is so thankful for the opportunity to draw, add creative input, and help with color combinations, in the midst of laundry, diaper changes, and the constant noises of small children.

Cynthia Epp

Editing, copy writing, proofreading

Cynthia’s love of words began with bedtime stories read by her sleepy mother and trips to the library to fill her red wagon with books about the Bobsey Twins. Reading others’ stories eventually prompted her to begin writing her own, in journals and occasionally in blogs documenting various adventures. An interest in writing was helpful at the University of Missouri, where Cynthia earned a Master of Public Health degree, and in various positions where she’s written technical articles, grant proposals, columns for a local newspaper, and other communications pieces.

Cynthia’s eye for detail means she can’t help noticing typos in signs and menus, although she tries not to be too obnoxious about pointing them out. As an editor, she enjoys helping authors clarify their ideas while honoring the distinctive voice of each piece.

Cynthia lives with her husband and their little girl in Warrensburg, MO where she coordinates content and writing for a local magazine, and helps run their business, Three Trees Workshop.

Rebekah Murray

Graphic design, copy writing and editing, photography, typography, print production

Rebekah’s career as a graphic designer began in a local coffeehouse/performance venue in Columbia, MO. She helped design the weekly calendars and table menus during her last year of high school, and was thrilled to find that some people actually make a living doing such things. She soon attended The Illinois Institute of Art in downtown Chicago and earned a BA in Visual Communications.

Rebekah worked as a designer in the Chicago area for several years, where she developed a critical foundation of industry skills. Then, hungry for something out of the ordinary, she took a break from design to spend two years in southwestern China as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Recently returned from Peace Corps and now based in Omaha, NE. Rebekah is happy to be polishing her creative and technical skills once again.