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Star of Bethlehem over three trees

Christmas finds us unready. On the way to our Christmas Eve service tonight I found myself feeling, more than anything, unready. The book of daily advent readings we’ve been going through with our kids is open to day 17; there are presents yet to wrap, and some still being shipped, and some I forgot to […]

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Earlier this month I had the opportunity to participate in a group show created by AIGA South Dakota—the South Dakota Stamp Show. For this show AIGA asked 13 area designers to each create a set of five concept postage stamps around a topic related to our fair state. I chose I-90 as my topic. Interstate 90 […]

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Short story by Steve Allen, originally published in 1955 The weather was a little cloudy on that September 9, 1978, and here and there in the crowds that surged up the ramps into the stadium people were looking at the sky and then at their neighbors and squinting and saying, “Hope she doesn’t rain.” On […]

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For the last year or so we’ve been using a listing service called Thumbtack to promote our design work and reach potential clients.  We’ve gotten some very positive leads through the service, and good local exposure.  You can see our listing here: Print, Web and Environmental Design One surprising aspect of Thumbtack is that they do […]

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