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What is a raster image? Pixels.

What is a raster image? What’s the difference between raster images and, um, the other kind? Meet JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, RAW, PSD and their hidden superpowers.

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WordCamp 2015

Salient thoughts from WordCamp Minneapolis 2015 For the past three years I’ve attended the WordCamp conference in Minneapolis (and have heard and made jokes about “NerdCamp.”) But each year I’ve learned a surprising amount for a one day event. As in the past, the volunteer presenters gave some solid sessions on web design and development, […]

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The Creative Process-the reality

This is a continuation of an earlier post, The Creative Process, Part I: The Myth of Orderly Progress. Creative work is non-linear Some work follows a clear path. Step 1 is always followed by Step 2, and if you know how many steps there are you can have a pretty good idea of how the […]

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The Creative Process-the myth

I don’t always know what I’m doing When I worked as a house painter, it was easy to figure how the work would go and how long it would take. You have a 2″ brush and 300 feet of trim to paint. There were occasional problems but for the most part the goal was clear, […]

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Why you need a good design brief

Try this next time you’re at a restaurant: –What can I get for you, sir? –Well, I’m hungry but I’m not sure what I want. –Do you want me to give you more time with the menu? –No, why don’t you just make some things and bring ’em out. I think I’ll know what I […]

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Creative Momentum

My first ideas are usually terrible. But those first attempts aren’t a waste of time, because working through bad ideas is what makes good ideas possible.

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