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The [Censored] States of America

  Out of many, one While the recent refugee ban has gotten more attention in the media, the unprecedented reshuffling of the National Security Council might be as significant as any other issue in the news right now: a weak-minded, insecure president surrounds himself with persuasive, unelected advisors and cuts himself off from some of […]

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The Mental Kaleidoscope

Mountain 1 by Laura Brown, as seen through a kaleidoscope “There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning […]

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All things new

You don’t have to look far to find signs that the world is not what it should be—broken relationships, tension and strife, violence, oppression and injustice. Even nearer than these external signs, I know my own heart often goes wrong and my mind is often poisoned. When I look at my own thoughts I find […]

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Day of the Book #shelfie

A #shelfie of the books we’re reading in our house–some for me, and some for the kiddos. The International Day of the Book The 23rd of April is celebrated in many places as the International Day of the Book, or World Book Day. UNESCO declared April 23 to be World Book and Copyright Day as […]

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Easter Sunday headlines

  These are some of the headlines from Easter Sunday. If Easter were about plastic eggs and pastels, candy and churchy activities, I would not celebrate it. Probably no one would. But Easter has more to do with today’s headlines than with today’s Easter baskets – it’s about the beginning of the restoration of all […]

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Readerless Books

Market is primed for “readerless books” After seeing the growing interest in driverless cars, I’m designing a new line of readerless books. I think the market is ready for an innovative solution like this. Imagine the time saving potential–a book that sits quietly in a corner and reads itself! These books are virtually indistinguishable from […]

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The Creative Process-the reality

This is a continuation of an earlier post, The Creative Process, Part I: The Myth of Orderly Progress. Creative work is non-linear Some work follows a clear path. Step 1 is always followed by Step 2, and if you know how many steps there are you can have a pretty good idea of how the […]

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The Creative Process-the myth

I don’t always know what I’m doing When I worked as a house painter, it was easy to figure how the work would go and how long it would take. You have a 2″ brush and 300 feet of trim to paint. There were occasional problems but for the most part the goal was clear, […]

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