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New Zealand flag redesign

The four top candidates for the redesign of the New Zealand flag. Design as a public trust There are two design-related stories circulating in recent news that have to do with brands that are “public property.” The first is the logo for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The Olympic games feel like they belong to all of […]

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Paperback simple

Making fur hats out of kittens When people in college told me they were studying marketing, they might as well have told me they studying to make fur hats out of kittens. I thought it was universally acknowledged that marketers were in the same camp as payday loan peddlers, Ponzi schemers and email spammers. I remember […]

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Identity design for the Orchestre Symphonique Genevois

Creating a brand identity is often limited to developing a logo, defining a color palette, and choosing a typeface or two.  These elements will go a long way to give an organization a unique look and feel, but often that unique look and feel could just as easily be applied to other similar organizations, or […]

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever walked up to a door and pulled, only to find out that it was a “PUSH” door. To make matters worse, as you were fruitlessly pulling on the handle, your wandering eyes fastened on the sign that read, “PUSH.” You’ve been a victim of bad design. When you or […]

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